NSC obtained the license for intermediate treatment business.
From now on we are able to utilize our own experiences in treating chemical waste.

At NSC, in the 50 years since our foundation, we have been developing technologies for treating the chemical waste we produce during our production activities involving chemicals.
Now we have further established our chemical waste treatment technologies and acquired the business license for intermediate treatment. NSC takes the responsibility to provide safe chemical waste treatment services to those customers having difficulties dealing with toxic chemical waste.
NSC will continue to make our latest treatment technologies available to society, so as to contribute to resource saving and recycling, aiming to achieve environmentally friendly production activities with low environmental impact.

License acquired

  • License for industrial waste disposal business (Toyonaka City 11820208806)
  • License for specially-controlled industrial waste disposal business (Toyonaka City 11820208806)

Features of NSC’s treatment (Detoxification of highly concentrated acidic chemical waste)

Plentiful records in treating chemical waste

In order to deal with various kinds of acidic chemical wastes including the highly concentrated hydrofluoric acid chemical waste generated in NSC’s own plants, NSC has been conducting numerous researches and developments in technologies for chemical waste detoxification and recycling.

Neutralization & Detoxification of highly concentrated acidic chemical waste

For acidic chemical waste which contains any of the following acids such as hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, and mixed acids, as well as for slurries that are hard to be filtered, NSC is able to neutralize and detoxify the highly concentrated acidic chemical waste which are hard to handle.

Metallic contents can also be treated at the same time

Metallic elements contained in the chemical waste can also be treated at the same time.

Having difficulties dealing with the following problems? Contact us in any case!

  • “The cost for waste treatment is too expensive.” ・・・When it is the time to review the expense.
  • “Cannot find any facility to treat our waste.” ・・・When the waste amount increased due to increase in production, but capacity of the current entrusted facility cannot afford treating more waste .
  • “The waste treatment is too difficult.” ・・・When it is told that the waste is too difficult to treat owing to high concentration or owing to some mixed composition.
  • “Risk of suspending production line should be reduced.”・・・When the production line needs to be prepared for unexpected generation of chemical waste.

The chemical waste detoxification technology developed by NSC is meant to efficiently treat the acidic chemical waste which is hard to deal with (which takes high cost).
NSC welcomes inquiries from the waste transportation collection agencies and also the waste generators who are seeking a facility for intermediate treatment.

FLOWCHARTFrom conclusion of the contract to final waste disposal; the procedure is as below:

NSC receives the chemical waste samples from the customers at first. After finishing laboratory test on the samples and confirmation of subcontracted landfill sites’ acceptance condition, NSC will provide the quotation.


NSC welcomes inquiries from those business partners who are searching for a method to treat industrial wastes.