Management and Control of Quality/ Environment/ Safety and Health

Currently, NSC employs 22 internal auditors who are responsible for quality control and 20 who oversee environment management. NSC became ISO 14001 certified in 2005 and then ISO 9001 certified in 2007. At NSC, we are continuously training those of our employees who wish to gain the relevant qualifications in order to improve our internal standards and management accuracy.
In keeping with our international business growth, NSC endeavors to enhance and maintain the level of our quality control and environment management, improving our management quality in order to meet customers’ expectations.

Quality Policy

  1. To express our gratitude to our customers, NSC is striving to become No. 1 in terms of customer satisfaction regarding quality, delivery date, and new technologies.
  2. To further reinforce our business policy which places emphasis on our customers, NSC is further improving the efficacy of our quality management system by continuous improvement of the system in response to new requirements.
  3. To satisfy our customers’ expectations, serve our customers’ needs, and repay our customers’ trust, NSC constructs new technology, acts on all, risks, and opportunities, sets quality targets, and continuously promotes quality improvement activities.
  4. NSC ensures that all employees are aware of the company’s quality policy and that they understand and fully adopt it. At the same time, NSC reviews the adequacy of company’s quality policy regularly so as to ensure that the operation of quality management system conforms to the policy.

Environmental Policy

  1. 環境基本方針NSC regards environmental conservation as being a basic management principle, and therefore sets environmental targets based on the results of environmental impact assessments and the current term’s budget, and periodically reviews these, continuous improvement of the environment management system by taking a total participation approach.
  2. NSC fully complies with all laws and other agreed related stipulations. In addition, NSC establishes its own standards and acquire knowledge and ability to employees to improve the organization’s environmental conservation and prevent environmental pollution.
  3. NSC promotes environmental consciousness of business activities which take the life cycle into consideration, as well as the limitations of global resources, by constructing environmental technology and maintaining and improving the effective use of resources, resource saving, the use of alternative resources, and the reuse of resources.
  4. NSC continuously promotes enlightening activities to help all business partners understand the environmental policy and require the cooperation.

NSC Co., Ltd. sets “Safety and Health first” as our basic policy for safety and health management, constantly strives to improve the work environment and reduce accidents in every workplace, and continues to develop pleasant workplaces with a positive atmosphere to maintain and improve the health of our employees.

Safety and Health Policy

Employee’s Health and Safety is the most and the highest important core value, second to none, and the foundation of the continuous business expansion.

  1. 安全衛生基本方針Improve the safe working environment by positioning the Occupational Health and Safety to be the highest priority with all member’s participation.
  2. Comply the legal obligations by all laws, regulations and, directives for Occupational Health and Safety
  3. Eliminate the occupational accidents by training employees for safety education, risk assessment, and danger prediction.


Employee education

社内教育As a part of our CSR activities, NSC has set up company’s internal rules and continues to improve the quality of our CSR activities through the efforts of the CSR Committee.

NSC periodically conducts CSR training for all employees to promote company-level CSR consciousness for fulfilling our social responsibility.

Regional contribution

NSC cleans up the nearby region such as precincts of the nearby shrine and the riverbed of Inagawa River. NSC also sponsors the local field day and festivals, actively supporting the local events.

創建1200年の古社 利倉春日神社

Tokura Kasuga Shrine, an old shrine founded before 1200 A.D.


Cleaning up the shrine precincts with the local residents


Cleaning up the riverbed of Inagawa River nearby NSC’s head office


NSC sponsors fish-catching events which takes place at Sintesima River every year.

Tree Planting Activity

Every year NSC volunteers to plant trees and mow weeds in Sakai’s Forest of Coexistence.