Next generation nano material, “Graphene Oxide” is now ready for mass production.

“Graphene Oxide” also known as “GO” is a material made from Graphite through oxidization and nano scale monolayer exfoliation.
We use purified Natural Flake Graphite as its ingredient, and we succeeded to produce high quality GO, advancing our long experienced chemical handling and precision cleaning know-how.

About Graphene Oxide (GO)

Graphite is made of multi-layers of graphene. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms with two dimensional nanostructure, that was globally recognized when Andre Geim & Konstantin Novoselov were awarded the Novel Prize in Physics in 2010.
When Graphene is oxidized, it changes its properties and converts into Graphene Oxide (GO).
GO has oxygen function and various characteristics (water dispersibility, electrical insulation, high strength, high surface area etc.).
GO can be reduced to Graphene (rGO).


NSC`s Product Line-up
Material Graphene Graphene Oxide GO Reduced Graphene Oxide rGO
Thickness (nm) 0.335 ∼1.2 ∼1.2
Elements C C, O, H C, O, H
Conductivity ×
Hydrophobicity/Hydrophilicity Hydrophobic Hydrophilic Hydrophobic
Other Characteristics

・Thinnest material

・Largest surface area

・High mechanical strength


・Harder than steel

・High mechanical strength

・Oxygen functional

・High dispesibility in polar solvent

・Selective metal ion supplement

・High ion conductivity

・Large surface area

・High mechanical strength


・High thermal conductivity

・Anti-bacterial, Anti-virus

・Reduced from GO


・Doping of other elements, hole making on rGO sheet is possible by tuning reduction parameters

・Conductivity and Hydrophilicity can be tuned by reduction parameters

High Quality Graphene Oxide

  • We produce our own ingredient, high purity Natural Flake Graphite
  • Our own cleaning technology to produce “residue-less” pure Graphene Oxide

We own Graphite Purification Plant, and we use High Purity Natural Graphite (99.95% purity) as an ingredient to produce Graphene Oxide.
We also have 50 years experience in precision cleaning and chemical process, that helped us produce clean and pure Graphene Oxide with minimal residue.


Graphene Oxide (AFM Caption)

Length 1~20μm, Thickness approx. 1㎚

Solid GO
GO Dispersed Liquid (Water)
Concentration: 1 mg/ml
  • GO Dispersed Liquid & Solids both available for sale
  • Various type of liquid available
  • Large volume trade ready

Used and Applications

Specific Examples
  • Graphene Oxide (GO)

    ・ Batteries
    ・ Medical
    ・ Water purification
    ・ Plastic cross-linking
    ・ Anti-bacterial, anti-virus

  • Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO)

    ・ Sensors & sensing equipment
    ・ Batteries & Capacitors

※ Based on publicly available information.