Enabling the reuse of defective substrates and dummy substrates

Recycled glass substrates can be reused as dummy glass substrates for coating process.
Many industrial fields including the manufacturing of liquid crystal substrates and touch panels involve processes whereby multiple layers with different functions are coated. In most cases, at the beginning these layers are coated on glass substrates called dummy substrates, and once the dummy substrates have passed inspection, production of actual products starts. The dummy substrates are then discarded since they are of no use after the completion of the inspection, and the actual products may also be discarded in the event of a coating defect due to a device error or some other reason.
With respect to such situations, NSC reprocesses dummy substrates and defective substrates to bare glass and then returns them to customers so that these substrates can be reused as dummy substrates in the coating process.


Reliable Treatment Through Optimum Chemical Selection

The coating structures of defective and dummy substrates vary depending on the product being manufactured.
With NSC’s surface treatment technologies and comprehensive know-hows, the optimum chemicals are selected for each coating structure. This process strips the coatings so as to return the substrates to the stage of bare glass without any coatings.
NSC can also partially perform the stripping process and leave certain coatings on the substrates depending on the coating structure. NSC has records in stripping color filters (CF), PI (oriented) coatings, metal coatings (ITO, AI, Ti, and Cr), and seal materials.

Capable of Handling Large Substrates

The stripping process is available for large substrates measuring up to 1,100mm × 1,300mm.

Size 1,100mm × 1,300mm (maximum)
Thickness 0.5t (minimum) For the maximum thickness, contact us.
Strippable coatings ITO coating, Color Filter, PI coating, and metal coating (ITO, AI, Ti, and Cr)

Reducing COPQ

The number of times that a customer needs to purchase glass substrates is reduced, consequently reducing the cost of poor quality (COPQ).

Reducing Industrial Waste

NSC’s stripping process makes possible the reuse of defective substrates and used dummy substrates which have been discarded until today, and therefore contributes to industrial waste reduction and reduction in disposal cost.

Uses and Applications

NSC has been conducting recycling (stripping) processes mainly on the glass substrates for LCD industry, including CF (color filter) substrates and TFT (thin-film transistor) substrates; nevertheless, recently the needs for processing workpieces other than the substrates are increasing. Contact us if any services related with the following processes are needed

Specific Examples
  • Recycling (stripping) process for substrates coated with organic coatings including photoresist
  • Recycling (stripping) process for sputtered metal layers of solar cells
  • Stripping of wiring patterns