Aerial Display

Aerial display requires lighting only           Patented Patent No. 7048933

Chemical processing on glass display plates

  • A glass plate emitting aerial letters and illustrations when illuminated is created by applying our proprietary process.
  • Saving spaces and low price is realized by eliminating video sources such as liquid crystal displays.
  • Non-contact buttons is realized by combining with a sensor, which is expected to prevent the  contact infection effect.
  • When you bring your hand close to the aerial display, the display color changes can be implemented, so that the operation feeling as a non-contact button can be improved.


By creating arc-shaped grooves on the display glass plate surface with our proprietary chemical processing, a glass plate emitting aerial letters and illustrations when illuminated is created without a video source such as a liquid crystal display.

The floating distance to be displayed in the air can be adjusted from a few centimeters to  several meters.


Freely adjustable viewing angle

For example, if you want to narrow the viewing angle, such as at a bank ATM, you can adjust the image at 0° viewing angle. (Limit the image in the air is only visible from the front).

If you want to widen the viewing angle, such as signage, vending machine buttons, elevator button displays, etc., you can adjust the image at 120°or more viewing angle.



Benefits of 3D (airborne) images on glass

Very little light diffusion enabled by our proprietary chemical processed glass, realized the beautiful image display.

Therefore, it is ideal for places that cares about aesthetics, and it is possible to give a sense of luxury, instead of resin materials and such.

Glass exhibits the excellent weather resistance and is unlikely to deteriorate by the ultraviolet sunlight rays.

Suitable for outdoor use such as road guide signs and traffic light push buttons.

Processable sizes and shapes

  • Glass size::300mm~400mm
  • Glass thickness:0.1mm~3mm


Applications, Fields of Application, and Fields of Application

  • Touch sensors (non-contact buttons, etc.)
  • Signage
  • Arc 3D art for stereoscopic vision
  • For advertising and publicity

Please consult us about processing materials other than glass such as metal.